Hi, I'm


I'm a Full-Stack Designer with a knack for blending creative & technical - driven by a passion for results.

Kegham + Leading2Lean
Lean Execution Improved
Kegham + Kia of Puyallup
The Puyallup Difference
Kia of Puyallup
Kegham + Glengarry
Telemarketing CRM Portal
Kegham + The Carter
Your Ideal Living Space
The Carter
Kegham + Formost Kiosk
Trade Show Kiosk Display
Formost Kiosk
Kegham + Quadrant Homes
Pacific NW Homebuilder
Quadrant Homes
Kegham + University of Washington
UW Freelance Design
University of Washington


Now for some personal projects - life's too short not to have a little fun.

Kegham + Tunez
Video Game & Anime Tunez
Kegham + Indie Alphabet
Favorite Indie Albums
Indie Alphabet
Kegham + Ace Concentration
Classic Game With A Twist
Ace Concentration
Kegham + Condiment Cans
Funky Drink Flavors
Condiment Cans